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Keep Your Word Reader.

Keep Your Word Reader, iphone flashcards Keep Your Word Reader, iphone flashcards Select one of your Keep Your Word’s dictionaries, and take it with you everywhere you go. Search it, navigate it, and drill your words in the included flash cards mode. You can send a whole dictionary, or only a selection of its categories and smart groups, from Keep Your Word on the Mac. Right now, Keep Your Word Reader does not let you modify or edit any data, but it will in the nearly future. Download Keep Your Word Reader, the perfect companion for Keep Your Word.


FNDMobile, iphone film development FNDMobile, iphone film development Track all the development times of your favourite films, and all the variations of them, and you know there are many, using a simple and intuitive interface. Store, in one place, all your knowledge and experience about film development, completed with times and dilutions. But that is not all. FND also helps you in the development process, thanks to its built-in timer. A timer that suggests when you should agitate your development tank (following your instructions).


iRankings PhotoQuotes Take with you, everywhere you go, 305 quotes by 65 of the greatest photographers ever. Search the quotes, to find the most adequate in every situation. Find suggestions, motivation and encouragement every time you need it. Browse the quotes by author, or let PhotoQuotes show you a random quote. Oh, and try to identify the author of one quote taking the quiz. If you love photography, you will love PhotoQuotes.


3points, your basket stats 3points, your basket stats Does your son play basketball? What about your boyfriend? Maybe your girlfriend? 3Points lets you record the performance of your most loved basketball player, using eight different statistics: minutes played, field goals, three points shots, free throws, assistances, offensive and defensive rebounds and steals. Record the player stats as you watch him play, and then check the season and game averages.


iRankings iRankings Create quick rankings: your favourite love songs, your favourite movies, your favourite actors... whatever you want! Drag and drop the items in your lists to reorder them. Quick and easy!