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What's new in Keep Your Word 1.5.2

Keep Your Word 1.5.2 is a maintenance release, that adds some new features, and fixes some bugs.

New exercise: Bingo.

Bingo You can print all you need to set up a word-bingo game: a call list, containing all the words in a given category (randomly ordered), and as many cards as you want, each of them containing up to 36 words picked from the same category.

Multi-line cards.

Bingo The flashcards can show more than one line of text. Also, the text rendering engine has been modified to produce sharper text.

Growl notifications.

Bingo Keep Your Word fires Growl notifications related to all the main events of the iPhone/iPod Touch sync process.

More Smart Groups criteria.

Bingo Both the value and the description of the "extra texts" assigned to any word, can be used to declare Smart Groups.


Bingo Added a first batch of graphs, in the "Other metadata" section of the Word Inspector. More to come soon!

Bug fixes and usability improvements.

Bingo Fixed some bugs related to the iPhone sync, the validation of the layout configuration, and the flashcards navigation. Added keyboards shortcuts to create "extra texts", modified the way folders are created, and reorganized the Exercises menu.