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What's new in Keep Your Word 1.4.2

Keep Your Word 1.4.2 is a maintenance release that ands a few new features and fixes some bugs. Also, it is the first version of KYW that can sync data with Keep Your Word Reader, KYW's iPhone client.

New iPhone client.

Keep Your Word Reader

Keep Your Word Reader is a free iPhone client, that lets you take with you one dictionary wherever you go, and drill it using its flash cards mode.

Keep Your Word 1.4.2 is the first version of KYW that can send data to the iPhone client.

Keep Your Word Reader will be free until the end of February.

Print flash cards.

Print flash cards

Now, you can print the contents of any collection or smart group as flash cards. You can choose between four different layouts (1 card per page, 2 cards, three cards, and four cards per page).

More visualization options.

Config words list

You can see the alternative texts assigned to any word in the word list. Just turn on the option in the Layout menu.


Config Flash Cards

KYW 1.4.2 fixes many small bugs.

  • Fixed a bug that made the quick entry panel insert new words into the wrong category.
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding a category items count, that was not refreshed properly.
  • When a Smart Group is selected, and the metadata of one of the words into that group os changed, the smart group contents and item count are properly refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Smart Group sheet, that made impossible to select a group to be assigned to the "belongs to group" property.
  • Fixed a bug that made impossible to move words from one category to any of their children.