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What's new in Keep Your Word 1.4

Keep Your Word 1.4 introduces many new features.

More data.

More data

"Words" do not only support a text value for each language. Now, you can also add two different text values to each of the word's two meanings.

Just open the new Words Inspector, and write the new text values. Of course, and you can use the new text to drill you vocabulary in the improved (again) Flash Cards mode.

Duplicate Words.

Duplicate words

Select a Word, and click Edit -> Duplicate or press ⌘D .

A new word will be created, and will be assigned the tags and comments assigned to the original one.

Easy and quick.

Quick Entry window.

Config Flash Cards

The new Quick Entry window (⌘D) lets you add new words to your dictionaries while browsing the web, or reading your email or a document.

Add as many words as you like, assign the Category they will be added to, and, if you want, add some tags. Click "Save" and those words will be part of your dictionary.

Easy and quick.

Improved Flash Cards mode.

Config Flash Cards

You can drill images and text, images and images, text and text, and now, you can also drill the alternative texts that you assign to your words.

That is the perfect way to drill a Chinese character and its romanization, for instance.

Also, you can change the progress value of any word pressing the plus(+) and minus (-) keys.

Drill all the words in a category.

Drill all

Press the ⌥ key when clicking any of the Exercise Modes buttons, and Keep Your Word will override its own preferences to use all the words in the selected Category or Smart Group.

Keep Your Word is maturing. And there is still more to come soon.

Smart Groups.

Smart categories

A Word exposes the new text properties, that can be used to declare the criteria that defines a Smart Group. Also, the Smart Group edition sheet has been reorganized. We hope you will find it neater now.

So, now, you can declare a Smart Groups that contains all the words not marked as memorized, that belong to a given Category, that have appeared at least twice in the Flash Cards mode, and that have not been in any of the Exercise Modes in the last two weeks.

Or a Smart Group that contains the words that have an image assigned, but that are not tagged like "lesson 1". Or the words that have an alternative text assigned.

New preferences.

New preferences

The fontsize of the Flash Cards text is now an application preference. Also, the header of every printed list can be customized.

This new feature lets you render, for instance, a Chinese character using a big font and its romanization using a smaller one.

Improved CSV import and export.

Improved CSV import/export

Keep Your Word now exports to csv files encoded as UTF16, to avoid problems with the display of no-roman characters.

Also, the import has been rewritten to be made more robust. By default, Keep Your Word imports files encoded as UTF8.

Improved keyboard navigation.

Improved CSV import/export

New keyboard shortcuts to mark words as memorized, to modify the progress, and to focus on the tags and comments fields.

There is no need to move your hands away from the keyboard. ⌥⌘2 moves the focus to the tags field, ⌥⌘3 to the comments, ⌥⌘+ and ⌥⌘- increase and decrease the progress, and ⌥⌘' marks and unmarks as memorized.